Microcid® is used for the treatment of impetigo. The cream is not sticky and stays even on damp skin. Microcid® does not contain preservatives and no contact allergy has been demonstrated against the components of Microcid®. Microcid® is an antibacterial cream without antibiotics and causes therefore no antibiotic resistance. The cream contains hydrogen peroxide and naturally occurring lipids.
Microcid® can be found at any pharmacy in Sweden, Denmark and Norway (In Norway a perscription is needed). In the rest of the world the product goes by the name Crystacide®.


Frequently asked questions

What is Microcid® used for?

Microcid® is used against Impetigo. In England Microcid® the indication covers infected wounds. 

Does Microcid® contain antibiotics?


Do I need a prescription to purchase Microcid®?

Microcid® can be bought without a prescription in Sweden and Denmark, but can also be purchased through prescription. In Norway you need a perscription to buy Microcid®.

Where can I buy Microcid®?

Microcid® is available at your pharmacy and in some online pharmacies. In Sweden you find Microcid® in most pharmacies. 

Can I buy Microcid® in other countries?

Yes, in many other countries Microcid® is sold under the name Crystacide. 


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Treatment information

Microcid® cream contains hydrogen peroxide and is used against Impetigo. Apply 2-3 times per day, or based on need, on the infected area. The treatment should not exceed 3-4 weeks. Avoid contact with the eyes. Contains propylene glycol which might give skin irritation. Read the patient information leaflet carefully before use.